Magical Mini Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer

Magical Mini Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer

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As the summer is coming, mosquitoes come as well. There is an adorable mosquito-killing lamp that keeps insects away from your family all the summer. It is environmental-friendly, no smell and no radiation. Give you a nice sleep. Powerful 365NM Wavelength UV Naturally attracts insects and catch them, harmless to human. High Speed Motor 2000rmp high speed motor with strong air pressurization system enable the mosquito zapper to rapidly suck the mosquitoes down and kill them while the insects get near to the lamp. 3D CFFL Technology This mosquito killer lamp adopts three-dimensional CCFL technology, the top and bottom can emit UV light simultaneously, you can put it on the floor or desk. Harmless and Environmental-friendly Non-toxic, no odor and no radiation, more environmental-friendly. Intelligent Light Control Technology Energy saving and convenient. It will automatically turn on and kill mosquito at nightfall, and turn off in the morning. And the photoreceptor can be turned off individually. Low Noise The noise is as low as 30dB, super quiet for perfect sleep. Rotatable Bottom Basket The bottom basket is designed for collecting the bugs, 360 degree rotatable, convenient to empty the dead bugs out frequently. Application Can be used at living room, bedroom, childrens bedroom, kitchen and dining room where is 30 square meters below. Specifications Model M2 Light Source CCFL Voltage 220V 50Hz Noise 30dB Lifespan Approx. 52000 hours Product Size 135 x 135 x 205mm Package Contents 1 x Mosquito Killer

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